Having lived in several countries, Rana has a very multilingual approach to work. She was certified by the Court of Appeal in France before being certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice.

Her experience working in large multinational companies like Coca-Cola has developed her creative and innovative mind and has helped her start her own business.

Mother of three, she is always busy. Between taking the kids to school and delivering translation projects on time, she manages to reach the ideal working mom life balance.


Noor is a risk taker, we can always count on her for last minute jobs and she will deliver no matter what! Having a corporate and legal background, she is the straightforward thinker. Graduated from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik and certified by the Ministry of Justice in both Lebanon and the UAE, Noor has more than 10 years of experience translating all kind of documents. She knows what she’s dealing with!


When it comes to Spanish Legal translation, Gaby is the expert having earned a degree in Law and being a native Spanish speaker. She is also an editor and writer of the legal blog Abogados Sin Corbata. She is a big supporter of women being part of the United Nation’s Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP’s) UAE. She loves travelling and always spreads positive vibes around her.


Antoine is the adventurous member of the team, he is French with an English twist. He studied Zoology in England and is currently doing his Masters in Translation in France.. Having studied and worked in various cultures and environments, he is well aware of the cultural adaptation required in translation. Parasailing is his passion that lifts him to new heights.