Our Services


Our translators have a combination of technical background, linguistic ability, and years of experience to meet your highest expectations. Whatever your project is, you will surely need a trustworthy professional translator to break the language barrier for you. Any translation requires a deep linguistic knowledge and a cultural background. Thanks to the different backgrounds of our translators, you can be sure that we will strive to provide high-quality services for large and small projects.



We are certified by the Ministry of Justice in the UAE. TransPro provides fast translation services for individuals or companies who need certified translations for official documents such as: birth,  marriage, divorce and death certificates, academic diplomas and transcripts, medical records, court applications and judgments, resumes or CVs and more.



Whether you are looking for an instant telephone interpreter, a consecutive interpreter, a simultaneous interpreter or a whispered interpreter, TransPro provides professional high quality interpreting services.



It does not hurt to have another pair of eyes on your project to make sure that everything looks absolutely fine. While most software nowadays automatically translates or corrects grammar, syntax and spelling errors, our experts check for deeper issues, such as the use of  correct terminology, the rephrasing of a text poorly written etc.



Whether you need web content writing services, advertisement writing, unique product description, press releases, brochures, postcards or a persuasive media report, our copywriters can build that critical bridge between you and your target public.



With their highly trained ears, you can be sure that our professional transcribers can understand and accurately deliver in writing what is being communicated.



Our team offers legalization services. It is no surprise that legalizing any document is a hassle everyone would like to avoid. Our team offers  such services to help with the whole  process.



Let our professionals assist you in creating a CV that will help you find your dream job.